Saturday, January 5, 2008

McNaught Guitars

David Thomas McNaught and his wizard in the finish room, Dave Mansell, are making some of the finest electric guitars on the market today. With such technical features as a deep set neck for maximum sustain (more details here ) and a variety of the best boutique pickup selections such as Wagner and Jason Lollar, these instruments sound and play like few others. When it comes to the look of their instruments, David has an uncanny ability to find the most exceptional rare woods that make the most house hold guitar names pale in comparison. His Diamond Quilt Maple tops have almost three dimensional qualities to them. When the other Dave gets his hands on them these exceptional tops take on additional depth with vibrant color combinations few can match. These colors range from "Ruby Red" to Reptile Green to a Blue Hawaiian Ice that over a Diamond Quilt top looks so much like the tropical ocean that it makes you want to buy a new swim suit and dive right in. Sometimes the the wood is so exceptional only a fine clear coat finish is all that is needed as in the attached photo of the Phoenix Rising Model here. Who knew Maple could look like liquid Toffee? We keep challenging McNaught Guitars to impress us with each new guitar we get, and so far it is getting harder to keep setting the bar even higher each time. All of their guitars are fully customizable with a variety of inlays available and pickup selections. See this guitar in more detail at .

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